Custom Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder
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  • Air ProCustom Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Air ProCustom Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Air ProCustom Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder

Custom Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder

Tie rod hydraulic cylinders use oil as the working medium, transfer movement through the change of the seal volume, and transfer power through the pressure inside the oil, and are widely used in various mechanical hydraulic systems. The custom tie rod hydraulic cylinders provided by Hydrotech are of high quality and excellent price.

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Product Description

Custom tie rod hydraulic cylinder

1.Product Introduction
Custom tie rod hydraulic cylinder is the company's superior product, with rich manufacturing experience, mature technology and high cost performance. The cylinder tube of the light tie rod hydraulic cylinder is made of seamless steel pipes.

According to different working pressures, steel pipes with different wall thicknesses can be selected. The inner diameter processing accuracy is high, the structure is compact, the weight is light, and the installation and connection methods are various. And it has the advantages of good low-speed performance and stable cushioning performance. The pressure range is 3.5-17MPA. It is widely used in the hydraulic system of machine tools, textiles, plastics and agricultural machinery.

2.Why choose us
☆ More than ten years of hydraulic design and manufacturing experience, checked by many senior engineers, strong technical strength, and advanced production equipment;
☆ Manufacturers, without intermediate links, provide competitive prices under the premise of ensuring quality;
☆ The company strictly introduces ISO9001 and 6S management, and adopts the ERP system to manage the production and inventory of products, and strive for stable quality;

3.When to use Custom tie rod hydraulic cylinder:
1) Use instead of cylinder. The original system used pneumatic, but due to various reasons (such as hydraulic control, the pursuit of more stable action, such as pneumatic power is not enough)
2) The system pressure is very small, considering the economic type, using the Custom tie rod hydraulic cylinder.

4. performance parameters:
1. Custom tie rod hydraulic cylinder Working pressure: 7Mpa, 16Mpa, 21Mpa, the highest working pressure is 21Mpa
2.Custom tie rod hydraulic cylinder inner diameter specification: 40mm to 200mm
3. Piston rod diameter: 12mm to 140mm
4. Operating temperature range: -20-100 degrees Celsius
Maximum operating speed: 0.5m/s

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