Hydraulic Valve

A hydraulic valve is an automation component operated by pressure oil. It is controlled by the pressure oil of the pressure distribution valve. It is usually used in combination with an electromagnetic pressure distribution valve. It can be used to remotely control the on and off of the oil, gas, and water pipeline systems of hydropower stations. Commonly used for clamping, control, lubrication and other oil circuits. There are direct-acting type and pilot type, and the pilot type is mostly used.

Hydraulics are an indispensable core element in industrial production and are widely used in coal mines, metallurgy, and casting. agriculture. Chemical and other automated machinery industries. Hydraulic valve is an important part of hydraulic components.

Control components (various hydraulic valves) control and regulate the pressure, flow and direction of the liquid in the hydraulic system. Hydraulic valves can be divided into pressure control valves, flow control valves and directional control valves.

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  • The throttle valve is a valve that controls the flow of fluid by changing the throttle section or throttle length. The throttle valve and the one-way throttle valve are simple flow control valves. In the hydraulic system, the throttle valve and the relief valve can be combined to form three throttle speed control systems, namely the oil inlet throttle speed control system, Throttle speed governing system for return oil passage and bypass throttle speed governing system. Hydrotech produces high-quality hydraulic throttle valves and other hydraulic system accessories.

  • The hydraulic Directional control valve is divided into two-way, three-way, four-way and five-way according to the number of passages controlled by the reversing valve. Applying the absolute movement of the spool to the wrong valve body can make the oil circuit traffic, shut off or change the direction of the oil flow, so that the hydraulic fulfillment element and its driving mechanism can bear, end or change the direction of movement. Hydrotech's hydraulic Directional control valve strictly implements high-quality production standards.

  • Hydraulic control valve is the component with the most varieties and specifications and the most widely used components in hydraulic technology. What are the types and performances of commonly used Hydraulic control valves? What should I choose? Let's take a look at Hydrotech with everyone!

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