Multistage Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Air ProMultistage Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Air ProMultistage Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Air ProMultistage Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Air ProMultistage Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder

Multistage Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydrotech has been committed to the product development, production and service of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic systems. Hydraulic products include hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic valves, and hydraulic systems, among which Multistage Telescopic hydraulic cylinder is the dominant product.
As a large-scale manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic systems, Hydrotech is committed to providing global customers with integrated hydraulic solutions, which are widely distributed in Europe and North America.

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Product Description

Multistage Telescopic hydraulic cylinder

1.Product Introduction
Telescopic hydraulic cylinders have two-stage or multi-stage pistons. In the telescopic hydraulic cylinder, the order of extension of the pistons is from large to small, while the order of no-load retraction is generally from small to large.

The telescopic cylinder can achieve a longer stroke, while the length is shorter when retracted, and the structure is more compact. Multistage Telescopic hydraulic cylinder is often used in construction machinery and agricultural machinery.

There are multiple pistons that move at one time, and when each piston moves successively, its output speed and output force are both changed.
The telescopic cylinder is divided into single acting and double acting.
The positions of the oil ports of the double-acting cylinder are: 2 oil ports are on the cylinder barrel, 1 oil port is on the piston rod, 1 oil port is on the cylinder barrel, and both oil ports are on the piston rod.

2.Multistage Telescopic hydraulic cylinder Scope of supply:
Minimum cylinder diameter: 80mm
Maximum stroke: 2000mm

Model Capacity Stroke Closed height No. of stage Working pressure Weight
(ton) (mm) (mm) (Bar) (kg)
SOV-RCD-10A 30 135 250 1 700 18
10 270 2
SOV-RCD-10B 60 145 280 1 40
30 290 2
10 435 3
SOV-RCD-15A 45 150 280 1 28
15 300 2
SOV-RCD-15B 80 170 320 1 50
40 340 2
15 500 3
SOV-RCD-30A 60 150 265 1 35
30 300 2
135 200 366 1 106
SOV-RCD-30B 60 400 2
30 600 3
SOV-RCD-50A 100 150 280 1 52
50 300 2
SOV-RCD-50B 190 200 390 1 130

The Multistage Telescopic hydraulic cylinder is often used in hydraulic systems of construction machinery and other mobile machinery, such as cranes and dump trucks.

4. Order note:
1. To order Multistage Telescopic hydraulic cylinder,  Cylinder diameter, stroke, and installation method must be provided, indispensable;
2. Need to adjust the stroke: MOD double-shaft hydraulic cylinder, one end of the piston rod is equipped with an adjustable nut, so that the cylinder can be adjusted within its stroke range;
3. Whether buffering is needed: The cylinder terminal is also equipped with adjustable buffering to make the cylinder reversing smoothly and without impact (customers need to order from our company's special instructions when ordering);
4. Whether the temperature needs to be resistant to high temperature: high temperature resistant sealing materials can be used to make the oil cylinder work normally at a high temperature of 180°C (customers need to place an order with the company's special instructions when ordering).

Q1: How long does it take to get the product If I place an order?
A1: If products stock available, after confirmation of your payment or advance payment , we will pack and deliver in 3-7 days. If you select international parcel service, it can be arrived in 3-7 days. If it is by sea shipment, it will take 15-45 days depending on different locations.

Q2: How to make payment ?
A2: First send us an inquiry, and we will reply you quotation, if our price suits you, we will prepare proforma invoice with our banking details.

Q3: Manufacturing time?
A3: Please send us an inquiry for stock condition, if we don’t have stock, and it is our standard products (refer to our model), it can be produced in 10-20 days. If it is customized, not our standard products, it will take 20-45 days to produce.

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