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  • Gear pumps are used frequently in hydraulics. For even if there is pressure, the hydraulic gear pump generates a practically continuous volume flow. Resistance from output, throttle points or switch elements do not affect the operation.


  • The design of the hydraulic valve is mainly for the design of the hydraulic valve group, and the oil circuit must be considered before the design of the hydraulic valve group. It is necessary to determine in advance which parts of the oil circuit can be integrated.


  • When the pressure oil enters from the rodless cavity, the cylinder with the largest effective area of the piston begins to extend, and when it reaches the end, the cylinder with the second effective area of the piston begins to extend. The extension sequence of Telescopic Hydraulic is from large to small, which can obtain a long working stroke.


  • Tie Rod Hydraulic is one of the hydraulic cylinders. It is a hydraulic cylinder that mainly produces pulling force. Of course, it can also produce thrust, but it is often slender and easy to lose stability when under pressure.


  • Hydraulic Pump is the power component of the hydraulic system. It is driven by the engine or electric motor, sucks oil from the hydraulic tank, forms pressure oil and discharges it, and sends it to the actuator. Hydraulic Pump is divided into gear pump, plunger pump, vane pump and screw pump according to the structure.


  • Among the failures of the hydraulic cylinder, the most problematic is that it is difficult to judge when the foreign matter enters the hydraulic cylinder.