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Hydrotech products help square cabin hospitals to meet the needs of large-scale equipment


The new crown epidemic, a major public health emergency, has brought Fangcang shelter hospitals into the public eye. In order to quickly carry out the construction of the shelter hospital, thousands of large industrial machinery entered the site to work overtime for the construction of the shelter hospital. We created the speed of China, which shocked countless people, but behind this miracle , It is the support of the industrial foundation of hydraulic system. It can be said that without the support of hydraulic system, there would be no birth of this miracle that shocked the world.


The staff of Hydrotech also came to the site to do free maintenance of the hydraulic system for those large industrial equipment and make their own contribution to the anti-epidemic action. We are mainly responsible for the maintenance of the excavator's digging system, as long as it is divided into the following four aspects


1. Choose proper hydraulic oil.

As far as the hydraulic system of excavators is concerned, the support of hydraulic oil is indispensable during its working process. In addition to providing power to the excavator, hydraulic oil can also serve as a lubricating and cooling device for the excavator.

Its important functions also make the quality of hydraulic oil have a great influence on the working performance of the hydraulic system. And this requires us to closely contact the working environment and the specific type of oil pump in the process of selecting hydraulic oil to choose the most suitable oil quality.

2. Prevent the system from entering the air.

During use, avoid contacting the hydraulic system with air. If the hydraulic system is in contact with air, it will have a great impact on the performance of the system, and even cause many abnormal phenomena such as noise and slowdown, which will make the hydraulic system The work intensity is greatly reduced.

Therefore, during the actual use of the excavator, avoid placing the fuel tank on the ground to prevent air from entering the hydraulic system. If the excavator finds air entering the fuel tank after refueling, it should be removed as soon as possible.

3. Control oil pollution.

The difference in the quality of the oil used by the excavator will also have a great impact on the stability of the entire system. Therefore, to ensure the working efficiency of the excavator, it is necessary to avoid the pollution of the hydraulic oil in practical applications.


Moreover, in the actual use process, the independent use of different hydraulic oils should also be ensured to avoid mixing water, dust and other impurities.

And when the system is applied for a certain period of time, the impurities in the hydraulic pump and hydraulic valve should be cleaned regularly to ensure timely removal.


4. Control oil pressure temperature.

During the use of the excavator, if the hydraulic oil is overheated, its viscosity will be greatly reduced, and its lubricity will deteriorate, thereby increasing the wear of the excavator equipment itself, which will affect the operating efficiency of the excavator equipment. And operating performance will have a negative impact.

And to avoid such a situation, we need to temporarily suspend the operation after a certain period of time in the actual work process, and wait for the hydraulic oil temperature to drop to a reasonable range before proceeding to the next step.

At the same time, during the operation, it should be ensured that the cooling device of the excavator is cleaned regularly, and the amount of oil in the fuel tank should be well controlled, so that the excavator can run safely and smoothly.

Through the maintenance of the hydraulic system of the excavator, the normal operation of the excavator is effectively guaranteed, and Hydrotech has made its own contribution to the fight against the epidemic.