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Hydrotech is back to work


According to government approval documents, Hydrotech will resume work and production in batches starting on February 14. Every employee takes a temperature measurement at home, and the temperature is lower than 37.2 degrees before returning to the company. After passing the inspection, employees wear masks and come to the company, take their body temperature, wear masks, and fill out a letter of commitment to receive a health certificate.

Employees who return to work pay attention to safety when going to and from get off work, wash their hands frequently, do not leave their masks, do not visit, and do not stay at will during get off work to reduce the risk of infection. After the quarantined people return to work, they will go to the company with the proof of release of quarantine.

Due to the delay of the epidemic, the company's production of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic systems has stagnated. Demands and orders for foreign hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic systems are floating like snowflakes. The resumption of work and production is just a matter of time.

The Spring Festival of 2020 came quietly, and the New Year's Eve was as lively as usual at home, but the excitement could not be transmitted to the distance, only a piece of silence was floating in the air, and the hydraulic cylinder manufacturing factory was quiet. At this happy moment, many people resolutely left their warm homes and went to Wuhan, a tortured city. The fast-reacting military doctors and nurses, like a continuous river, silently converge at the front of the fight against an outbreak, and like a quiet dam, silently resisting the new crown flood. The tired faces on the videos and photos grabbed our hearts, but their eyes were still shining with determination, and everyone was conveying the belief in fearlessness and hope.


In places where we can't see, many people are working silently to contribute their strength. Farmers who grow vegetables, fruits, and vegetables deliver the hard-harvested fruits to the front line; workers in the medical supplies industry produce medical protective equipment day and night; the owners of vacant hotels provide warm food and lodging for tired medical staff; and Many elderly people donate their savings, and every penny is their ardent hope.

Vehicles loaded with goods are like a long queue from all over the country, arriving at the front line of the fight against the epidemic. They wear the stars and the moon to protect themselves from frost and shade, but they don't cry out bitterly. They knew that what they were transporting was not only the urgently needed supplies of the people in front of them, but also a hot heart. They are eager to give these things to those in need, but also to bring encouragement and support to the people of the whole country.

What we can do is to start production as soon as possible, and supply the hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic systems and other products needed in various regions to the places where they are needed, without delaying the production and operation of related industries.

Although people are still alert to virus attacks, they will not panic too much. We are united and united, and we will surely be able to overcome the epidemic.

Come on Wuhan, China will win!