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The birth of a complete hydraulic system for a new type of block ice machine to control lifting


As a professional supplier of hydraulic cylinders and complete hydraulic systems, Hydrotech has accumulated a wealth of experience in design and matching.

At the end of October 2020, the company's sales manager received a consultation call from a refrigeration equipment company in Fujian. The listed company is developing a new type of block ice machine, and is looking for a large-scale, stable and reliable hydraulic supporting manufacturer that can maintain long-term stable cooperation.

The caller was an engineer from a company. He searched the Internet and found a picture of the hydraulic system of Hydrotech. After browsing several processing cases on our company's official website, I have some understanding of our company's strength, and then contact us.

The customer introduced to us the specific situation of their company: A refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd. in Fujian is a company integrating industrial and civil ice making equipment, refrigeration equipment, ice storage air conditioning, integrated refrigeration system research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, engineering installation, A high-tech enterprise and a large professional manufacturer integrating after-sales service; a member of the National Standardization Technical Committee of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Equipment and a member of the drafting group of the National Refrigeration Standards Technical Committee ice maker standard.

So the customer sent us the hydraulic schematic diagram, and clearly pointed out that the hydraulic system is used for the new type of block ice machine lifting. Based on this basic information, our company's hydraulic system engineers have a general understanding of the situation and immediately put into work.

After many telephone communication, after confirming the technical parameters and quotation of the hydraulic system, the customer agreed with us to meet with the purchasing manager in our company the next day.

Early the next morning, a group of customers came to our company to exchange on-site work principles of the new block ice machine, and focused on the specific requirements for the hydraulic control system of the new block ice machine.

According to the details of each job, we quickly determined a detailed processing plan and sent it to the customer for review.

The customer said that there was no problem after seeing it, and immediately ordered a sample package of the hydraulic system after returning to the company. Because of the tight delivery time, the customer requires us to complete it as soon as possible. After our overtime work, the order was finally delivered within a short time, and the customer was very satisfied!

After more than 3 months of on-site testing by the customer, the Hydrotech system successfully passed various tests and achieved good results. Customers were very affirmed of the quality and service of the Hydrotech brand, and ordered 5 sets of hydraulic systems in December of the same year. Customers said that this new type of block ice machine will be widely promoted in the market and will have a long-term cooperation with Hydrotech in the future!

We are very pleased to see that the prototype of the customer's new model can be successfully and smoothly developed and entered the market promotion stage. Hydrotech company is to help customers design hydraulic systems and hydraulic cylinders, and provide high-quality hydraulic products, to provide customers with assured services, so that customers can rest assured!