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Asia International Power Transmission and Control Technology (PTC) Conference|Exhibition Documentary


Hydrotech has won dozens of large and small orders at the just-concluded Asia International Power Transmission and Control Technology (PTC) Conference. We are professional in hydraulic technology. As a large-scale manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic systems, is committed to providing global customers with overall hydraulic solutions. Hydrotech was founded in 1999 and is located in Yishui City, Shandong Province, covering an area of 20 acres. It is now a national high-tech enterprise and has undertaken a number of provincial-level new product research and development trials, and has obtained four independent research and development patents.

There is something special at the beginning of this story, which makes our business manager Mr. Li still fresh in his memory. On the second day of the exhibition, there was a huge passenger flow. Customers exchanged business cards with us, there were on-site explanations and exchanges, and customers looked at our samples. There was only one woman with full aura who had been communicating with her colleagues in her native dialect. Manager Li asked them, "What can I do for you?" The lady smiled and said, let's take a look first, and then leave after a while. I came back and left for a while. For the third time, the elegant lady sat at our negotiating table: "We are making machinery and equipment, and our company is in Shandong. This time we come here, we are mainly for a new type of automated mold. Equipment, look for a tie rod cylinder, we just looked at your samples, checked some cases on your official website, and compared a few, and decided to discuss the details of this cylinder with you." Facing such a straightforward customer, Li The manager and Ms. Wang had an in-depth discussion. Manager Li introduced: Hydrotech tie rod hydraulic cylinders are our company’s advantage products. For example, the HOB heavy tie rod cylinders you want to know, the standard models are quickly delivered, low price, easy to disassemble and assemble, various installation forms, and a variety of installation accessories are available. User choice, often used in the production of wire drawing, automatic baler, mold equipment, pipe bending, turning machine, etc. The long rods and short rods are made of 45 steel, which is durable.

Ms. Wang's standard oil tank is fine, but the quality requirements are very high, because this batch of equipment is produced by a state-owned enterprise, and they need to use this machine to open up more markets.

Manager Li introduced to Ms. Wang:

1. Hydrotech tie rod cylinders have a variety of installation forms: users can choose a variety of installation accessories according to their needs, and we have many installation methods that can be customized for you.

2. Stroke adjustability: For example, a double-shaft hydraulic cylinder, an adjustable nut is installed at the end of the connecting rod, so that the cylinder can be adjusted within its stroke range;

3. Adjustable buffering: the cylinder terminal is also adjustable buffering, which is smooth and impact-free when the cylinder changes direction (customers must order according to our company's special instructions when ordering);

4. High temperature resistance: high temperature resistant sealing materials can be used to make the oil cylinder work at a high temperature of 180°C (when ordering, it can be carried out according to the company's special instructions);

5. Derivative diversity: As a variety of use requirements to meet customer needs, diversified non-standard products can be derived on the original basis.

6. Our packaging is completely independent, and the logistics is safe and reliable, ensuring that the oil tank is intact and delivered to the customer.

With years of experience in the production of hydraulic cylinders, the quality of Hydrotech hydraulic products can definitely give customers peace of mind. The company adopts rolling or honing precision processing technology to make the piston and its seals and supports can slide smoothly, thereby ensuring the sealing effect and reducing wear, and the thickness of the chrome layer can reach 3 wires to ensure product quality. A good reputation has allowed our company to continue to grow and develop in the past 20 years.

At the fair site, Ms. Wang reached a preliminary cooperation intention. After the exhibition, Manager Li arranged for professional engineers to provide selection suggestions and 3D drawings for Ms. Wang, and provided CAD drawings of the cylinders to Ms. Wang’s engineers, and customers were asked to proofread the dimensions. Soon after the sample was sampled, Ms. Wang’s company signed a long-term supply contract with us. Ms. Wang said: Hydrotech's service and efficiency, as well as its quality, made her feel relieved that she can choose the Hydrotech hydraulic system for her other automation equipment or hydraulic cylinders on other machine tools.

Reassuring and satisfying customers is our unremitting pursuit. Hydrotech's quality and service will allow more customers to choose our hydraulic systems and hydraulic cylinders.