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Problems to be Paid Attention to When Using Hydraulic System


Problems to be paid attention to when using hydraulic system

1) The user should understand the working principle of the hydraulic system, and be familiar with various operations and adjusting the position and rotation of the handle 

2) Before starting, check whether the adjustment handles and handwheels on the system have been moved by unrelated persons, whether the positions of the electrical switches and travel switches are normal, whether the installation of the tools on the host is correct and firm, etc., and then expose the guide rails and piston rods Partially wipe.

3) First start the hydraulic pump of the control oil circuit. If there is no special control oil circuit hydraulic pump, the main hydraulic pump can be started directly.

4) The hydraulic oil should be regularly checked and replaced. For newly put into use hydraulic equipment, the oil tank should be cleaned and replaced with new oil after about 3 months of use. After that, cleaning and oil change will be carried out every six months to one year.

5) Pay attention to the oil at all times during work. During normal work, the temperature of the oil in the tank should not exceed 60°C. If the oil temperature is too high, try to cool it down and use hydraulic oil with a higher viscosity. When the temperature is too low, preheat or intermittent operation should be carried out before operation to gradually increase the oil temperature before entering the formal working state.

6) Check the oil level to ensure that the system has enough oil.

7) The system with exhaust device should be exhausted, and the system without exhaust device should be reciprocated many times to make it naturally exhaust gas.

8) The fuel tank should be sealed with a cover, and an air filter should be installed at the vent above the fuel tank to prevent the intrusion of dirt and moisture. When refueling the hydraulic device, filter it to make the oil clean.

9) Coarse and fine filters should be configured in the system as required, and the filters should be checked, cleaned and replaced frequently.

10) Regarding the adjustment of the pressure control components, generally first adjust the system pressure control valve ---- the overflow valve, open when the pressure is zero, and gradually increase the pressure to reach the specified pressure value; then adjust the pressure of each circuit in turn Control valve.

11) The flow control valve should be adjusted from a small flow to a large flow, and it should be adjusted gradually. The flow control valve of the synchronous motion actuator should be adjusted at the same time to ensure the smoothness of the movement.

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