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Factors Affecting the Work of Hydraulic Gear Pumps


Factors affecting the work of hydraulic gear pump

1. For technological reasons, in order to ensure a reasonable gap between the front and rear covers of the gear pump, the processing and assembly of the gear Dayang are very important. The perpendicularity error between the two end faces of the gear and the axis of the hole cannot exceed 0.01mm, and after being installed on the shaft, its axial direction should be in a floating state. In order to ensure the mutual position of the two shafts after assembly, the center distance error should not exceed 0.03mm when processing the front and rear bearing holes. In addition, breakage of the input shaft end is also a common phenomenon. For this reason, it is necessary to master the heat treatment process of the shaft to make it have a certain strength and hardness, and also have a higher impact toughness to prevent it from breaking.

2. Reasonable selection of materials and components In order to ensure a reasonable clearance and fit during the operation of the gear pump, the wear resistance of related materials is an important performance index. It is important to select reasonable materials and appropriate heat treatment processes. Oil seal leakage is also a common cause of scrap. Therefore, it is necessary to select a good material oil seal, and at the same time pay attention to the tight fit between the oil seal and the bushing during processing and assembly, and the inner hole of the oil seal and the pump shaft should have sufficient tension to prevent oil leakage.

3. Installation and use Correct installation and reasonable use of gear pumps are also very important for prolonging the service life of the pump. When the pump input journal is connected to the motor shaft, the coaxiality error cannot exceed 0.1mm. Remember not to connect with belts. In addition, appropriate hydraulic oil should be selected according to the pump instruction manual, and a filter should be added at the pump inlet, and the hydraulic oil should be filtered and replaced regularly according to the working environment of the hydraulic system.

Gear pump is a very widely used power component in hydraulic system. It has the advantages of simple structure, low price, strong self-priming ability, and strong resistance to oil pollution. However, its biggest drawback is that its life is too short and cannot meet the design requirements. half.

4. The design and selection of bearings is the same as other mechanical products, the design of gear pumps should also consider the principle of its life. In order to use raw materials and spare parts economically and rationally, and improve the technical and economic indicators of products, when designing products, we should strive to achieve the same life of most parts and raw materials, and should not cause most parts of the product to be far from reaching the service life. A few parts have been scrapped. Gear pumps happen to have such a problem, and most of the cases of scrapping are caused by damage to the bearings. At present, many gear pumps no longer use needle roller bearings, but switch to needle roller bearings with cages, which can increase the life span.

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