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Advantages of Hydraulic System Applied on Elevator


Advantages of hydraulic system applied on elevator

At present, hydraulic technology has made significant progress in achieving various requirements such as high pressure, high speed, high power, high efficiency, low noise, durability, high integration, miniaturization, and intelligence. For elevators, hydraulic transmission is adopted. The advantages are mainly from the following aspects:

1. Under the same volume, hydraulic devices can produce more power than electrical devices. Under the same power, the volume and mass of the hydraulic device are small, that is, its power density is large and the structure is compact.

2. The hydraulic device works relatively smoothly. Due to the low mass and inertia and quick response, the hydraulic device is easy to realize quick start, braking and frequent reversing.

3. The hydraulic device can realize stepless speed regulation in a wide range, and the hydraulic design can also adjust the speed during operation.

4. The hydraulic transmission is easy to adjust or control the liquid pressure, flow or flow direction. Especially in the occasions with high automation, when hydraulic control is combined with electric control, electronic control or pneumatic control, the whole transmission device can realize very complicated sequence actions, and it can also realize remote control and automation conveniently.

5. The hydraulic device is easy to achieve overload protection.

6. The hydraulic components have been standardized, serialized and generalized, and the design, manufacture and use of the hydraulic system are relatively convenient.

7. The use of hydraulic transmission to achieve linear motion is far simpler than mechanical transmission.

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