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Precautions for Cleaning Hydraulic System


Precautions for cleaning hydraulic system

The first condition for the normal operation of the hydraulic system is to keep the inside of the system clean, so the cleaning of the hydraulic system is imperative. Before new equipment is operated, or after a piece of equipment is overhauled, it is inevitable that the hydraulic system will be contaminated by the outside world. Contaminants may be brought into the hydraulic system during the installation of parts such as hoses, pipes and pipe joints. . Even new oil will contain some unexpected contaminants. The hydraulic system takes measures to filter out the pollutants as soon as possible, otherwise it may malfunction soon after the equipment is put into operation, and the early failures are often very serious, and some components may be fatally damaged.The purpose of system flushing is to eliminate or reduce the early failure of equipment. The goal of hydraulic component flushing is to improve the cleanliness of the oil, keep the cleanliness of the system oil within the pollution tolerance of the key hydraulic components in the system, so as to ensure the working reliability of the hydraulic system and the service life of the components. Pay attention to during the flushing process

(1) The fuel tank should be closed to reduce the chance of particles in the air entering the fuel tank on site;

(2) When flushing oil is added to the fuel tank, a refueling trolley with a filter should be used to filter out the contaminants in the barreled oil;

(3) Pause the flushing pump when replacing the filter element and be careful not to bring in impurities;

(4) Evacuation and blowdown should be carried out regularly to ensure that the system is full and discharge gas and pollutants in time.

(5) In the early stage of flushing, the evaporation of water in the oil is very important, and there should be a window for the steam to escape on the flushing tank.

(6) After the flushing is qualified, the flushing oil and the pipeline should be protected before use to prevent pollutants from entering the hydraulic system.

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