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Technical Requirements for Assembling Hydraulic Cylinders


Technical requirements for assembling hydraulic cylinders

1. The components of the hydraulic cylinder should use qualified parts and components. Any defective or defective product, or product that does not match the specifications, should not be installed in it indiscriminately.

2. The hydraulic cylinder parts should be kept clean before assembling. Impurities such as iron filings or burrs and fibers are not allowed.

3. When assembling the components of our hydraulic cylinders, we can't use veil cloths when wiping the parts.

4. When assembling components, seals that have defects or have expired cannot be used.

5. Symbols that can clearly indicate the function of the oil ports should be marked near all the connecting oil ports of the components of our hydraulic cylinders.

6. The exposed non-processed surface coating of hydraulic cylinder components is also required, and it must be uniform. It should be emphasized here that putty powder cannot be used before spraying.

7. After the hydraulic cylinder components pass the factory inspection, we have to take measures to seal, dust and leak the oil ports at this time.

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