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Hydrotech——high quality hydraulic cylinder supplier


Hydrotech was established in 1996. Our company is a hydraulic motor (equivalent to Danfoss or Eaton or M+S brand hydraulic rail motors), and is a company specializing in the production of hydraulic motors (equivalent to Danfoss, Eaton or M+S brand hydraulic motors). Steering gear) gear pump (equivalent to CAT.MARZOCCHI, VARISCO or SHIMADZU brand gear pump and vane pump (equivalent to Vikers, Yuken or Tokimec brand vane pump).




Most  products of Hydrotech are exported to Europe and North America. In order to produce this product, we have different factories. Hydrotech has first-class equipment and trained staff, ISO9001: 2000 certification and strict quality management system. Through these factors, Hydrotech can make the quality close to the world level. Hydraulic Motor Factory: We use first-class advanced production technology and the best machines to produce advanced hydraulic cycloids and hydraulic steering gears. Hydraulic rail motors can replace Danfoss or Eaton hydraulic motors.

Hydrotech uses disc distribution motors and shaft distribution motors. Our company produces motor series: BMM series, such as OMM series; OMP series; OMR series; OMR series; OMR series; OMS series; OMT series; BMS series; BMS series; BMVSERIES such as OMV series, hydraulic steering device: our company has and Danfoss, Eaton/Sarin, etc. are connected to the same port.





It plays a central role in the opening and closing of the steering device. The steering device produced by our company has or does not have a safety valve. Our company has OSPB, OSPC series. The pumping station produces gear pumps and vane pumps. Gear pump: Our gear pump has the same connection with CAT.MARZOCCHI, VARISCO, SHIMADZU and other series gear pumps. Impeller: With first-class production equipment and technology, our vane pump can replace Vickers or Tuoke vane pumps.

Series low noise vane pump VQ series high speed high pressure vane pump YB series medium pressure high pressure vane pump PV series low noise vane pump PV series low noise vane pump If you are interested, please provide the foreign brand code or drawing, Hydrotech can produce it for you. Hydrotech are confident that you will be satisfied with our quality, price and service.