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Foreign matter in the hydraulic cylinder

Among the failures of the hydraulic cylinder, the most problematic is that it is difficult to judge when the foreign matter enters the hydraulic cylinder. After foreign matter enters, if the outer side of the piston sliding surface is equipped with a lip seal, then the lip of the seal can scrape the foreign matter during operation, which is beneficial to avoid scratches. However, the piston with O-shaped sealing ring has sliding surfaces at both ends, and foreign objects are sandwiched between the sliding surfaces, which can easily form scars.

Foreign matter entering the cylinder
a. Since the oil port is not kept open during storage, there will be conditions for accepting foreign objects at all times, which is absolutely not allowed. When storing, it must be filled with anti-rust oil or working oil and plugged properly.
b. Foreign matter enters when the cylinder is installed. The place where the installation operation is carried out is in bad conditions, and foreign objects can enter unconsciously. Therefore, the area around the installation site must be cleaned up, especially the place where the parts are placed must be cleaned up, so that there is no dirt.
c. There are "burrs" on the parts, or insufficient scrubbing. The oil port on the cylinder head or the buffer device often have burrs left during drilling. Pay attention to it and install it after the sand is removed.