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The work process of Telescopic Hydraulic

When the pressure oil enters from the rodless cavity, the cylinder with the largest effective area of the piston begins to extend, and when it reaches the end, the cylinder with the second effective area of the piston begins to extend. The extension sequence of Telescopic Hydraulic is from large to small, which can obtain a long working stroke. The smaller the effective area of the extension cylinder, the faster the extension speed.
Therefore, the extension speed changes from slow to fast, and the corresponding hydraulic thrust changes from large to small; this change law of thrust and speed is just suitable for the requirements of various automatic loading and unloading machinery for thrust and speed. The order of retraction is generally from small to large, with a shorter axial length during retraction, which occupies a small space and has a compact structure. Commonly used in hydraulic systems of construction machinery and other mobile machinery, such as cranes, dump trucks, etc.
Telescopic Hydraulic