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Areas of application for gear pumps


Areas of application for gear pumps

Gear pumps are used frequently in hydraulics. For even if there is pressure, the hydraulic gear pump generates a practically continuous volume flow. Resistance from output, throttle points or switch elements do not affect the operation. Pumps for hydraulic motors are operated with hydraulic fluid. They come in numerous sizes for all conceivable uses.

Industrial pumps are typically used to convey chemicals, and in the manufacturing and processing of plastics, as extrusion pumps and polymer pumps, and also as booster pumps. They are also used in the food industry. Here, they can handle low and high-viscosity media, which is an advantage in applications where the viscosity of various conveyed fluids is quite varied. The viscosity may be between 0.2 mPa and 40 million mPa for conveyance.

The individual media that can be conveyed with gear pumps include, among others:

Chemical industry: Alcohols, additives, bitumen, tars, wax, acids and bases, esters, glycerin, resins, isocyanate, adhesives, monomers, oils, and phenols
Polymer manufacturing and processing: PET, PBT, PS, ABS, PVC, PE, PEEK, cellulose, nylon, and other polymers
Food processing: Plant oils, butter and margarine, flavorings, chocolate, licorice, chewing gum mass, syrup, honey, gelatins, mustard and ketchup, sugar solutions
Pharmacy: Amino acids, lotion, shampoo, vitamins
Gear pumps are not suitable for handling media with solid content since it can damage or block the individual gear teeth. To prevent any tooth gap here, operators should use other pump technologies for such applications.