Standard Welding Hydraulics
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Standard Welding Hydraulics

Hydrotech has been committed to the product development, production and service of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic systems. Hydraulic products include hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic valves, and hydraulic systems, among which Standard Welding hydraulics are the dominant product.
Industrial welding hydraulics are now widely used in industrial engineering, and Hydrotech products are widely exported to Europe and North America. Hydrotech provides standard welding hydraulics and provids customers with integrated hydraulic solutions

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Product Description

Standard Welding Hydraulics

Standard Welding hydraulics and miniature hydraulic cylinders are compact and beautiful in appearance, save installation space, and can be used instead of cylinders. According to market demand, a variety of models (such as A, B, C, L, Z) are extended with excellent performance for users to choose from. It is widely used in automatic machine tools, fixtures and other automatic machinery equipment.

Standard Welding hydraulics mainly composed of: cylinder tube piston rod cylinder head piston seal
A. The TUBE consists of four parts:
1. Cylinder block 2. Flange 3. Cylinder bottom 4. Bushing

B. The Standard Welding hydraulics consist of three parts:
1. Rod body 2. Earring 3. Bushing

The above parts are composed; the inside of the hydraulic cylinder is divided into two parts by the piston, a large cavity and a small cavity;
Large cavity refers to the inner cavity of the cylinder after the piston rod is fully extended;
The small cavity refers to the inner cavity of the hydraulic cylinder and the rod after the piston rod is fully extended;

Due to the relatively high viscosity of hydraulic oil and the small compression ratio, when the cylinder bottom oil port enters the oil, the piston will be pushed to make the cylinder head oil port out of oil, and the piston drives the piston rod to extend or retract. vice versa.

1) Standard Welding hydraulics have the advantages of safety and stability, large output, easy maintenance, and can completely replace the cylinder;
2) The minimum cylinder diameter is 20MM, and the maximum cylinder diameter is 125MM;
3) The stroke can be 5MM~4 meters;
4) The highest working pressure: 14Mpa.

3.Solution customization of Standard Welding hydraulics
Do you need to customize hydraulic cylinders according to practical working conditions and functional descriptions? Leave it to us! Hydrotech can help you design and manufacture non-standard hydraulic cylinders.
Including tie rod cylinders, welding cylinders, agricultural machinery cylinders, thin cylinders, telescopic cylinders, etc., all can be customized according to requirements, such as special oil port types, valve cylinders, double rod hydraulic cylinders, with buffer function, etc. Please choose a cylinder from our existing products to customize, and provide specific requirements, we can effectively and quickly customize according to your requirements.

4.Order note:
1. To order Standard Welding hydraulics, Cylinder diameter, stroke, and installation method must be provided, indispensable;

2. Need to adjust the stroke: MOD double-shaft hydraulic cylinder, one end of the piston rod is equipped with an adjustable nut, so that the cylinder can be adjusted within its stroke range;

3. Whether buffering is needed: The hydraulic cylinder terminal is also equipped with adjustable buffering to make the cylinder reversing smoothly and without impact (customers need to order from our company's special instructions when ordering);

4. Whether the temperature needs to be resistant to high temperature: high temperature resistant sealing materials can be used to make the oil cylinder work normally at a high temperature of 180°C (customers need to place an order with the company's special instructions when ordering).

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