Welding Hydraulics For Industry
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Welding Hydraulics For Industry

Hydrotech has been committed to the product development, production and service of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic systems. Hydraulic products include hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic valves, and hydraulic systems, among which Welding hydraulics for industry is the dominant product.
Welding hydraulics for industry are now widely used in industrial engineering. The industrial welding hydraulic equipment produced by Hydrotech is committed to providing integrated hydraulic solutions to customers around the world. The products are widely exported to Europe and North America.

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Product Description

Welding hydraulics for industry

1.HSG series engineering hydraulic cylinders Introduction
Brief introduction of Welding hydraulics for industry:
HSG series engineering hydraulic cylinders are double-acting single-piston rod hydraulic cylinders; most of the installation methods are earrings. According to the connection between the cylinder head and the cylinder body, there are three types: external thread connection, internal key connection and flange connection. Welding hydraulics for industry are mainly used in hydraulic systems such as engineering machinery, heavy machinery, hoisting machinery and mining machinery.

2. technical parameters:
Working pressure 16/21Mpa, cylinder diameter 40~250mm, rod diameter 20~125mm,
Maximum stroke <2000mm, ambient temperature -20℃~+80℃

3.Scope of application:
Most of them are used in hydraulic cylinders in hydraulic systems such as construction machinery, heavy machinery, hoisting machinery and mining machinery, but they are not limited to the above aspects.

When the cylinder has a relatively large force (such as 20 tons) and a relatively long stroke (such as 2 meters), the tie rod cylinder is not suitable for use due to the limited force of the screw rod, and an engineering cylinder can be used instead.

Due to the higher pressure of the Welding hydraulics for industry and the manufacturing process, the material cost and processing cost are higher than the tie-rod cylinder.

4. Order note:
1. To order Welding hydraulics for industry, Cylinder diameter, stroke, and installation method must be provided, indispensable;

2. Need to adjust the stroke: MOD double-shaft hydraulic cylinder, one end of the piston rod is equipped with an adjustable nut, so that the cylinder can be adjusted within its stroke range;

3. Whether buffering is needed: The cylinder terminal is also equipped with adjustable buffering to make the cylinder reversing smoothly and without impact (customers need to order from our company's special instructions when ordering);

4. Whether the temperature needs to be resistant to high temperature: high temperature resistant sealing materials can be used to make the oil cylinder work normally at a high temperature of 180°C (customers need to place an order with the company's special instructions when ordering).

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